DCG3 (No DestinationBag) DestinationBag DiveCaddy G3 (MAP $279.00)
DCG3 (No DestinationBag)DestinationBagDiveCaddy G3 (MAP $279.00)
This is the same system as our standard G3, but does not include the DestinationBag. We are awaiting delivery of our next shipment of DestinationBags, but do not have a delivery date as of this writing. Should you purchase this G3 without a...

 The new boat bag and protective cover.

Take all your dive gear with you on the plane. Includes the TravelBag, DestinationBag, FinCaddy and RepairKit!




FinCaddy RepairKit

Keep your fins, regulator and other misc gear together.

Insurance for your bag and dive trip.